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Our Services

Reboot your life

Ever rebooted your computer to install updates to make things work?Our life is also like a computer.The Hardware is our Body.The Software is our Mind.Just as we need to reboot our computer sometimes,how about Rebooting our Life to upgrade and energize our Body & Mind?This is a very effective & efficient program which has evolved over the years of our practice.By the end of this program, you will be a fresh, new yourself, getting rid of all negativity and toxicity of your Mind, Body and Soul.This new you, would be full of confidence, peace, calmness, happiness, health and abundance.

Automatic Downloads

The universe if full of messages for you,which are vital for your progress and can also help you heal, and move ahead with full energy & vigour. You can get the download of these messages by tapping into the power of your energy bodies. Why waste time & effort writing when you can see, view and hear these messages directly from the universe within 1 session. Shape up your life for better. Gain the knowledge of what is in store for you. The goodies are all there, you only need to grab them. Learn how to get these automatic downloads experientally. Enroll today, before the energy shifts happen.

Manifest the Life of your Dreams

This is our most powerful programme,that helps you to instantaneously discover what you really want in life,how you can achieve it and ultimately go about creating it all. As part of this innovative programme, we offer our unique 7-step transformational process which has been laid down by our experts. Having dreams is 10% of the story,the rest 90% is the path you create to bring them into reality.If you want your life to change to help you realise your true potential in health, wealth, relationships, aspirations and everything else,do not miss the opportunity to enroll yourself for this.

Chakra Scanning &

Chakras represent the energy centers of our body.Any kind of blockage in our chakras can lead to various health and life issues. In this session, we would help you discover the current health of your chakras and also heal & align all your 7 chakras to elevate your life. At the end of the session you would have cleanes, healed, energised and aligned your chakras completely. Not only this, you will gain a complete understanding of all your chakras and also learn a powerful Chakra meditation to regularly energise your chakras to live a balanced, whole and fulfilled life.

Eating Disorders

What goes on in the mind goes on in the body! Thats what we say and believe! Are you unable to control what you eat and how much you eat. Are you eating too much or too less? Have you been struggling with eating disorders for the longest of time? No More Now ! We are here to help your way back into optimum eating habits and empower you to gain your health.

Get Rid of Obsessive Compulsive Habits

Do you keep biting your nails? OR chewing your lips? Or pulling your hair? Or may be keep checking the locks endlessly? This repetition of actions is making you go crazy and overwhelmed? You have been on medicines but it is not helping you much. Well, we are here to help you get rid of your obsessive compulsive behaviour and habits to help you regain access to a comfortable and jouyous life. There is no shame in asking for help. Call us now to get support.

Rewire your Mind For Abundance

Have you been struggling to gain financial stability?Money never seems to stay with you.You keep having downfalls when it comes to wealth? Well, money is an essential part of our life,no matter how much we try to ignore the truth.Having a happy family life is extremely important,but equally important is financial stability.But we are talking beyond financial stability here!In this Programme,you will Rewire your mind to become a money-magnet!We will not only be teaching you tools & techniques to attract wealth, but also reprogram your mind for abundance. Call us now to book a slot for you.

Overcome Fears &

Does the thought of taking an elevator trouble you?Do you fear heights or water or Fire?Or anything else?OR do you have a fear of being left alone or being betrayed? Have you tried everything including medical treatment, healers, spiritual guides, astrologers, but nothing has worked for you? If yes, it’s time now to overcome these fears & phobias from the root. You attained life to enjoy it 200%, not live in fear and agony! Contact us now for seeking help and we would ensure you release yourself from this dark prison or Fear and Phobias to create a fearless and wonderful life for yourself.

Anxiety, Panic Attacks Or Insomnia

Do you feel anxious all the time? Any little mishappening or tension gives you a panic attack? Have you been spending sleepness nights or already fallen prey to sleeping pills? No amount of counselling or guidnace works for you? You seem to have been making enough rounds of the hospital but with not much benefit? If such is your case, you have reached at the right place today. We excel in helping people get over their anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia. Do not be a prisoner of your anxiety. Open up and get help now ! It is now or never !

The Teeny-Weeny

Being a teenager is the most difficult job in today’s world. It takes a lot to maintain composure, calm and stability of your mind if you are a teenager. Does your teen seem to be getting angry & irritable a lot? Your child may be going through a lot!Not all children feel comfortable sharing their secrets with parents.It essential to be there as a pillar of strength and helping them find a helping hand in this tender age. Our experts not only excel in teenage counselling but also help them “design” their way out of emotionally difficult situations.Contact us if you think you need our support.

Stress-Buster Workshop

Are you constantly under stress? Irritability, bouts of depression, forgetfulness, fatigue, lack of motivation – are these an everyday affair for you? Stress can affect your body & mind badly unless you take hold of the situation. Don’t let stress take over! Capture it, heal it and release it before it captures you. In this session, we help you understand the A,B,C of stress, help you find your personality traits and exactly where you are in your life. Release all your stress instantaneously & learn tools & techniques to keep yourself always stress-free.

Breaking Negative

Do you feel trapped in the web of your own negative thoughts & emotions? Do you feel that similar negative patters keep repeating in your life? Are you drowning in the sea of your never ending struggle? Negative thoughts never seem to leave your mind? Here is our best selling session to help you break out of this chain of negative events and emotions in your life. Why to suffer when the solution lies in your own hands? Why to seek help outside when you can seek help inside? We will help you to gain access to your inner self and empower it so that you can be the boss of your life.

Past Life Reading

Are you tired of suffering due to never ending aches, pains or diseases? Are you restless due to failing relationships in your life or betrayal? Do you feel you need stability in life – in your financials, love life, relationships, work or health?Well, you may be carrying multiple past life emotions and cellular memories that need to be released. What did you do in your Past, which is the root cause of your current life issues? Know the answers to all such questions and also instantly heal the wounds of your Past to make your Present beautiful and fulfilling.

Explore Your Future

Fearful & anxious about your future? Have you been making rounds to healers and spiritual coaches who give you different readings leading to much more restlessness? Why rely on someone else, when you yourself have the power to see your future by yourself? Use the power of your subconscious mind to dive deep into the realms of your future and discover what lies ahead. Journey through your multiple future life options and get a chance to select the best one for you. Contact us for this extremely powerful and gain complete clarity & perspective. Get rid of all future related stress & anxiety.


Do you feel that you could have said a last few words to your loved one before they departed? Are you guilty of having hurt them sometime in life and couldn’t seek forgiveness? Well, there is no room for carrying this burden of sadness anymore. Our mediumship session helps you gain a direct connection with your spirit guides or your departed loved ones.Get a chance to interact with them directly and ask all the questions you always wanted to ask. Say everything that you ever wanted to say to them. Seek forgiveness and get answers to find ultimate solace and peace.

Beauty & Radiance of the Body & Beyond

Tired of paying for facials and body massages?Wrinkles settling in? Well, here is your chance to get a complete body spa through our specially designed Beauty & Radiance therapy for detoxification & beautification of the body and beyond.Without having to spend thousands of bucks every few days at the beauty parlour,what if you can get much better results with only 1 workshop?Not only this, you will also learn the technique and can keep using it at the comfort of your own homeWhat are you waiting for? Enroll now !

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