Teen Coaching

"How to raise happy teens?" is a very common question among parents of teens. Thousands of participants in many parenting workshops see happiness and confidence as the most precious gifts parents can give their kids. Teen Coaching may be the way for you.Unfortunately, without teen coaching (and/or parent coaching), many teens are not happy, nor are their parents. Most parents want to give, but their teens just do not know how to accept their advice, support, care and wisdom.

One of most difficult things for teens to do is ask for help. Most of the time, the emotional struggles they face at that age prevent them from treating the adults in their life as resources.

If you asked teens what they would like to change in their life, they would probably tell you about many things they want to change, but they do not know how to do this. After not knowing how to change for a while, they become frustrated and feel helpless. Over time, things get so hard that many teens give up. They have many internal and external resources, but they do not know how to use them. Their world quickly becomes a place of great confusion and stress. They face conflicting demands between their parents, teachers and friends.

The messages they get through the media and from other sources, like internet forums and social sites, only confuse them more. If you ask teens, though they dedicate every bit of their energy to discovering their identity, they are not sure who they are.

To be happy, teenagers need to take charge of their life, grow their confidence, become people-magnets, improve their lifestyle and follow their dreams. Most of them are too scared or too confused to take charge. Instead, they experience a traumatic period in their life and can be deeply troubled. Their parents are so scared of those teenage years that they regard the phrase “happy teen” as an oxymoron.

But it is not

I use evidence-based strategies to help young people figure out

  • what they most want
  • what’s blocking them
  • how they can slay the blocks and create their dream life

Many adults want to help teens, but don’t know how. With my teen coaching, kids feel heard, understood and excited about creating a positive change.

With years of experience and thousands of happy clients, including teen coaching clients and their parents, I know that raising happy teens is not a fantasy but can be easily done. With the right guidance and plenty of encouragement, I can help your teen gather confidence, determination and take responsibility over their future.

Teen coaching is the gateway to any future teen desire, where self-confidence, love, success, health and wealth are part of their everyday life. It is a journey teenagers take on their quest for achieving their goals and dreams.A teen coach is someone who helps them take that journey and guides them through the learnings they need in order to keep moving forward, stay on track and achieve success and happiness. In teen coaching, they learn to understand themselves and establish good relationships with themselves and with others.

My teen coaching clients learn to dream big and to want good things.

It is like stepping into a magic zone, where many happy things happen to them and, like a ripple effect, influence all those around them. We do believe that happiness is contagious!

I focus on a good future for our clients, starting with goal setting, through finding strengths, aligning of values and beliefs, all the way to choosing life’s purpose and finding meaning. With our teen clients, it guarantees they will gradually build the skills to keep themselves motivated and enjoy whatever comes their way.

So if you want to help your own child find the formula to be happy in life, contact us now..

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